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Cancelled, Postponed and Online Events

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Cancelled and postponed events

A set of options are available in the Event Status box that permit marking an event as Cancelled or Postponed. When a status is selected, informative text may be then added in the “Reason” box.

When the event is updated, a clear notice will be displayed at the top of the event. This is a nice way to let attendees know what’s happening with an event. When hovering over an event in the monthly calendar, the status will also be clearly displayed.

Online Events

The Event Status box is also capable of designating an event as an “online” event. This is ideal if, say, an event that was originally supposed to be hosted at a physical location is suddenly moved to a live stream.

Selecting that option lets you add a link where the event is being streamed. Once published, the link will appear at the top of the event.